About Us

Valhalla is a fitness and lifestyle brand for those striving to be their best selves.

Norse Mythology education…

Valhalla “the hall of the chosen”

the reason vikings fight bravely in battle is in hopes to enter; a true warrior’s paradise.

When Warriors fall in battle the God Odin sends Valkyries to accompany the bravest and baddest warriors to Valhalla. These Warriors will now spend their days perpetually fighting in order to sharpen their skills. After the days battles they come together and feast as their wounds heal and they are ready to fight another day.

Whether your thing is powerlifting,

or BodyBuilding,


job success or just trying to adventure and see the world – everyday is a battle, a battle to be our best, to accomplish our goals and to watch our dreams come true.

Here at Valhalla we are warriors that fight every day to be better and to get one step closer to our dreams. We realize that the only thing in our way is ourselves; our biggest enemy that we wage war against everyday. When that voice in our head tells us to keep sleeping; we wake up. When it tells us we can’t; we say we can. And we love every bit of the battle because every time we win we become better.

And that is why a warrior’s paradise is the constant war they wage against themselves to be better.

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